It all began with an idea, our original team at Lucky Time had a focused goal of bringing the joy and excitement of social gaming to both new and veteran players through one convenient platform that is always online and totally free to play . At Lucky Time, we opted for a simple motto, ‘First time lucky’, This meant we strived to develop a worthwhile Gaming app that will bring the feeling of winning and fun to players from their first time playing.


Our platform consists of the most-played, free-to-play games in the industry, and just a couple of spins on the slots will have players realising that theres never a need to spend money and that has become a thing of the past, and nowadays, wagering real cash at online gaming sites isn’t required to have fun!


Despite being a small development team, we have big plans ahead for Lucky Time, such as becoming one of the biggest names in the Social Gaming market. Admittedly, this is a huge goal to aim for, but we are confident we will be able to achieve it with a balance of time, our devoted team and you, our wonderful players and supporters. We will continue to work hard to expand and improve our offering to bring players an unforgettable victorious online gaming experience. Join now and enjoy the ride!